Question: Is George a country?

Is Georgia an independent country?

Since 1995 it is Georgia as written in the Constitution. It was part of the Soviet Unionbetween 1921-1991, but now it is an independent republic....Georgia (country)Georgia საქართველო Sakartvelo• Russian conquestFebruary 25, 1921• Independence from the Soviet Union Declared FinalizedApril 9, 1991 December 25, 1991Area38 more rows

Is Georgia a country or a city?

Georgia (U.S. state)GeorgiaCountryUnited StatesBefore statehoodProvince of GeorgiaAdmitted to the UnionJanuary 2, 1788 (4th)Capital (and largest city)Atlanta47 more rows

What is Georgias biggest export?

Georgias biggest export in 2020 was aircraft including parts accounting for 21.3% of the states aggregated exports revenue. The states top 3 exports were aircraft including parts, mid-sized automobiles with piston engine and gas turbine parts representing 27.9% of the total.

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