Question: Why did LMFAO stop making music?

Thats right — Redfoo went on the X-Factor Australia and then made some music out there. But after releasing a debut album that didnt do so well in 2016, he decided to fully take a break from music, according to Life and Style.

When did Lmfao stop making music?

2012 LMFAOYears active2006–2012 (hiatus)LabelsCherrytree,, InterscopeAssociated actsDavid Rush Far East Movement Lauren Bennett Lil Jon Natalia Kills will.i.amPast membersRedfoo SkyBlu5 more rows

Where is Redfoo now 2020?

Still Making Music Though Redfoo has stepped away from the limelight, he continues to work on songs and beats. In 2018, he released his latest song Brand New Day, where he talks about positivity, change, and love. Despite his unrecognisably serious tone, he still injects his brand of fun in everything he does.

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