Question: Who is the singer for Deftones?

Who is the lead singer in Deftones?

Chino Moreno Deftones/Lead singers Rest in peace Chi Cheng, wrote the bands lead vocalist, Chino Moreno, on his Facebook page, where more than 2,000 messages were left by fans eulogizing Cheng. The Deftones, an alternative metal band out of Sacramento, California, was founded in 1988.

Is Chino Moreno black?

Moreno was born in Sacramento, California, the second of five children. His mother is of Mexican and Chinese descent and his father is Mexican.

Who died from the Deftones?

Chi Cheng Chi Cheng, original bassist with alternative metal band the Deftones, has died. After playing on the bands first five albums, Cheng was gravely injured in a 2008 car crash, after which the 42-year-old struggled to recover from his injuries.

Is Chi from Deftones dead?

Deceased (1970–2013) Chi Cheng/Living or Deceased

Is Chino Moreno married?

Risa Mora-Morenom. 2012 Chino Moreno/Spouse

Where is Chi Cheng buried?

Chi ChengOriginal NameChi Ling Dai ChengBirth15 Jul 1970 Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USADeath13 Apr 2013 (aged 42) French Camp, San Joaquin County, California, USABurialCremated, Ashes given to family or friendMemorial ID108446946 · View Source13 Apr 2013

Why did Chi Cheng leave Deftones?

Chi Ling Dai Cheng (July 15, 1970 – April 13, 2013) was an American musician and poet, best known as the bassist and backing vocalist for the American alternative metal band Deftones. His career ended in 2008, when he was involved in a serious automobile crash in Santa Clara, California.

Is fishmans a shoegaze?

But it was albums like Aerial Camp and Uchu Nippon Setagaya that truly proved Fishmans were something else, something special – with music that drew on dream pop, experimental rock, shoegaze and ambient music for inspiration – creating one of the most recognisable and unique sonic palates in music over the course of ...

Why did fishmans break up?

Fishmans remained relatively underground and disbanded with the sudden death of Shinji Sato in 1999, but later accumulated an international cult following largely driven by their popular acclaim on internet discussion boards.

Fishmans reputation has kept on growing ever since, and not only in Japan. The bands studio albums “Kuchu Camp” (“Aerial Camp”) and “Long Season,” both released in 1996, are now undisputed landmarks in the Japanese rock canon.

Is Corey Taylor an original Slipknot member?

Anders Colsefni was the original lead vocalist of the heavy metal group Slipknot. He was replaced by Corey Taylor after their self-released debut Mate. Feed.

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