Question: Is Halifax a walkable city?

Halifax has a walk score of 70 and is classified as “very walkable” according to Getting across the harbor to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, means taking a ride on the longest-running saltwater ferry service in North America and enjoying unobstructed views of the Halifax waterfront.

Is Halifax a small town?

Halifax has all the perks of a city, but is as relaxed as a small town, full of hospitality and friendliness.

Is Halifax a cool city?

Exploring Halifax is effortless fun—and thats not just because it has more pubs and clubs per capita than almost any other Canadian city. “Today its an incredible, historic city with a hip vibe, great amenities, fantastic seafood, and delicious beer.” Experiencing the many facets of Halifax is easy.

What kind of city is Halifax?

Nova Scotia Halifax, Nova Scotia, incorporated as a city in 1841, population 403,131 (2016 c), 390,096 (2011 c). Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest urban area in Atlantic Canada. On 1 April 1996 Halifax was amalgamated with neighbouring communities to form the Halifax Regional Municipal Government.

Is Halifax a modern city?

An established settlement since 1749, Halifax stands as the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. However, as the capital of Nova Scotia, with the largest urban area in Atlantic Canada, the infrastructure and economy are in place for Halifax to be a modern city.

Why is Halifax unique?

Halifax is on the Atlantic Time Zone. Halifax is closer to Dublin, Ireland than it is to Victoria, British Columbia. Halifax boasts the second largest ice-free natural harbour in the world after Sydney, Australia. Halifax enjoys four distinct seasons.

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