Question: What is hippie lingo?

Hippie/Hippy: A member of the counterculture: a free-spirited, unconventional person. Hog: To take over so that someone else cannot use. Hunk: Good looking guy. In the groove: A person who is part of the in-crowd.

What would a hippie say?

Hippie Slang WordsBread or Dough Bread = dough = money. Bummer What a bummer, bummed out, or bummed are all 60s ways of saying that youre depressed or disappointed about something. Dig When you dig something, you really like, understand, approve, or enjoy it. Downer Flow Fry The Fuzz Grok •Apr 1, 2021

What was the hippies motto?

Hippies embraced the old slogan of free love of the radical social reformers of other eras; it was accordingly observed that Free love made the whole love, marriage, sex, baby package obsolete. Love was no longer limited to one person, you could love anyone you chose.

What does get hyped mean?

slang To become extremely excited about something. The concerts tonight—get hype! See also: get, hype.

What does hyped mean in slang?

1 slang : a narcotics addict. 2 slang : hypodermic. hype. verb (1) hyped; hyping.

What is a hype friend?

Hyping someone up means to be excited about someone else doing something well.

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