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Israel and the diaspora

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For the name of 'Lech Walesa', I notice also some name forms such as 'Aleksiej Korwin-Gronkowski' from Weiss' name-lists in Vilnius see.

  • That is why I tell about it.

  • Noonan's argument was that I had not addressed enough of his reservations and that my revisions were not sufficiently far reaching, as was the wording of the publisher.

  • In 1993, I still did not have any chance to guess anything about the factual history, and nobody said anything about it.

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There was a leak about the identities of the Eidsvigs in terms of Celan's letter to Sachs, and when Borten resigned in 1971 it was because of a 'leak in an airplane', which was a 'glipp'.

  • If 'tight jeans' is a fashion sign of just this, the reference is not immediately obvious and remains a vague hypothesis only.

  • However, the Britons have defined an alternative route for this one after they took control with Northern Ireland - something which could leave this arm of the swastika a little wrong way - like some smallcrook's arm twisted back onto his back by efficient Scotland Yard police - if going up along England land for crossing the water up there.

  • I would not feel as much of a hero as to dig deep enough to get it muddy with 'heavy-sleek honey'? Hence if his role was a 'particular task', one could see this reference to Israel as related to the 6-day war of 1967 - and when his name was 'Palme', the question is whether this meant a particular reference to one of the two palms, hence Celan's earthday in 1970 on Ragna Gröver's birthday, after his disappearance on Hitler's birthday.

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