Question: Who was the star of highway patrol?

Did Broderick Crawford drink a lot?

Personal life. Throughout his adult life, Crawford was prone to bouts of heavy drinking, and was known for eating large meals. These habits contributed to a serious weight gain for Crawford during the 1950s. His weight and penchant for heavy drinking contributed to several injuries suffered on the set of Highway Patrol ...

Was Broderick Crawford in the military?

Nationality: American. Born: William Broderick Crawford in Philadelphia, 9 December 1911. Military Service: 1942–45—served as sergeant in U.S. Army Air Force. Family: Married 1) the actress Joan Tabor (divorced), son: Kim; 2) the actress Kay Griffith, 1940, children: Lauren and Kelly; two later marriages.

How old was Broderick Crawford when he died?

74 years (1911–1986) Broderick Crawford/Age at death

Is Broderick Crawford alive?

Deceased (1911–1986) Broderick Crawford/Living or Deceased

Was Lon Chaney Jr a heavy drinker?

Lon Chaney Jr.s alcoholism became embarrassingly public knowledge when he turned up inebriated to play the monster in a live TV production of Frankenstein, you would think its a character where the actor could get away with playing it drunk, but unfortunately Lon thought the live broadcast was merely a dress ...

What kind of car did Broderick Crawford Drive in highway patrol?

Buick Mathews Buick (a Model 68 Century) rated star quality as one of 270 cars built especially for the California Highway Patrol.

What killed Broderick Crawford?

April 26, 1986 Broderick Crawford/Date of death

Is the Texican a spaghetti western?

The Texican is a 1966 American Techniscope Western film produced and written by John C. The film was re-titled Ringo il Texano in Italy to coincide with the popularity of the Ringo Spaghetti Western film series.

What movie did Broderick Crawford win an Oscar?

Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture – Drama Broderick Crawford/Awards

How big is Lon Chaney Jr?

6 feet 3½ inches tall Chaney, who was 6 feet 3½ inches tall and weighed 225 pounds, played many monsters. In one film, in which he changed from a conventional appearance to a wolf man, he was pictured as he lay dying, changing in minutes from the monster to his ordinary guise.

Was Herman Mankiewicz a drunk?

Mankiewicz was an alcoholic. Ten years before his death, he wrote: I seem to become more and more of a rat in a trap of my own construction, a trap that I regularly repair whenever there seems to be danger of some opening that will enable me to escape.

Where is Highway Patrol located?

Highway Patrol is famous for its location shooting around the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley, then mostly rural. Other notable Los Angeles area locations include Griffith Park, as well as Bronson Canyon just above Hollywood.

What rank is Dan Matthews Highway Patrol?

More videos on YouTube A police show which featured Borderick Crawford as Captain Dan Matthews. For an officer of his rank, he spent a lot of time in patrol car barking “10-4 10-4.” Highway Patrol had a great appeal for young guys as it had great car chases.

Where was the Texican filmed at?

Barcelona It was shot in Barcelona, and co-produced by the Spanish company Balcazar Producciones Cinematograficas.

How much did Lon Chaney Jr weigh?

Mr. Chaney, who was 6 feet 3½ inches tall and weighed 225 pounds, played many monsters.

Where is Lon Chaney Jr buried?

Lon Chaney, the Man of 1000 Faces, played Quasimodo in THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME and the Phantom in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA before he died of throat cancer at the age of 47. He was buried in the Sanctuary of Meditation at the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

What are they drinking in Mank?

Gary Oldman knows Mank and those drinking issues: I used to sweat vodka Gary Oldman plays early Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz in David Finchers “Mank.” “I wasnt fishing when I asked that,” Oldman says, insisting that he always feels “less than,” particularly when hes about to start a new project.

What kind of car did they use in highway patrol?

Buicks As the opening credits start, the car approaching the checkpoint is a 1954 Lincoln Capri convertible; the two Highway Patrol cars at the checkpoint are 1955 Buicks.

When did the Highway Patrol start?

21 September 2009 Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Highway Patrol is an Australian factual television series screened on the Seven Network, which premiered on 21 September 2009.

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