Question: Is Captain Jack Sparrow dead?

At Worlds End. Two months following the events of the second film, with Davy Joness heart in his possession and the Flying Dutchman under his command, Cutler Beckett begins exterminating all pirates. Only Jack Sparrow is missing, killed and sent to Davy Joness Locker at the end of the previous film.

How did Jack Sparrow die?

Also, in Wikia it is mentioned that Jack Sparrows last word is Hello beastie which implies he died after these words. Placing his hat once more atop his head, Captain Jack Sparrow said Hello beastie. Then he drew his sword and faced off against the Kraken as it dragged the Black Pearl under water.

Who is Captain Jack Sparrow in real life?

John Ward was the inspiration for the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Wards nickname was Sparrow and he was known for his flamboyant style – much like the Hollywood icon.

Is Captain Jack Sparrow a ghost?

Barbossa impales Sparrow with his sword, believing he is mortally wounded; but, when he stumbles backwards into the moonlight, Sparrow is revealed to be an immortal skeleton having snuck a coin from the chest to curse himself.

Why was the Kraken killed?

The third Pirates of the Caribbean installment At Worlds End wrapped up a lot of the series lingering mysteries, but why did Davy Jones kill his Kraken? The reason that the octopus-faced villain Jones killed his pet and greatest weapon in controlling the high seas is that his new handler made him.

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