Question: Can you go to jail for being poly?

United States: Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states however in Utah, in February 2020, the law was significantly changed in the House and Senate to reduce polygamy to the status of a traffic ticket. It is still illegal federally according to the Edmunds Act.

What are the rules of being poly?

Make time for just the two of you. Set boundaries. Respect your partners partners. Keep your expectations realistic. Maintain constant and open communication. Make the most of your me-time. Consider your motivations and your partners.Sep 7, 2019

What is a throuple called?

Polyamory stands for “many loves.” It describes people who openly participate in concurrent sexual and romantic relationships, (with the consent of all parties involved.) By this definition, a throuple is a polyamorous configuration. Ultimately, its up to the individuals involved to define their relationship.

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