Question: What are the major themes in A Good Man is Hard to Find?

What is the theme of A Good Man is Hard to Find quizlet?

A Good Man is Hard to Find is a confrontation of between a grandmother with a rather superficial sense of goodness, and a criminal who embodies real evil. The grandmother seems to treat goodness mostly as a function of being decent, having good manners, and coming from a family of the right people.

What literary elements are used in A Good Man is Hard to Find?

In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” Flannery OConnor uses literary techniques such as conflicts, foreshadowing, imagery, simile, and irony to create eccentric characters and a twisted plot. She is never direct and spins her conversations into long detailed stories.

What are two examples of foreshadowing in a good man is hard to find?

They are the description of the grandmothers dress, the death of the family, and the conversation between the Misfit and the grandmother. The grandmother did not want to go to Florida; she ironically dresses in her Sunday best.

What are symbols in A Good Man Is Hard to Find?

Symbols in A Good Man Is Hard to Find include the stowed away cat, which symbolizes the grandmothers dissatisfaction, the grandmothers hat, which symbolizes her vanity and selfishness, and the Misfits hearse-like car, which symbolizes imminent death.

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