Question: How do you use Wenn and ALS?

Wenn is used for present events and the future while als is used for the past. Wenn is also used in the past, for repeated events. When using wenn in the past Germans add some other words to it to so you should avoid using only wenn, while talking about the past.

How do you use ALS and Wenn in German?

Long story short, you should remember the following:Does your sentence express a condition? – If so, use “wenn”.Does your sentence happen in the past and focus on a specific moment? – If so, use “als”.Does your sentence contain a question? – If so, use “wann”.10 Nov 2019

Whats the difference between ALS and WENN?

Als is used for a sentence that is in the past, for example als ich jünger war... when I was younger. Wenn is used to mean if or when and often has a conditional sense, for example wenn ich mehr Geld hätte, meaning if I had more money.

What does Dass mean?

DASSAcronymDefinitionDASSDigital Access Signaling SystemDASSDirection des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales (French: Department of Health and Social Affairs; New Caledonia)DASSDialysis-Associated Steal SyndromeDASSDistributed Authentication Security Service12 more rows

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