Question: How do I activate voice call on POF?

Can you make voice calls on POF?

The feature includes many new options for the users to chat with each other. Now, with the update, the POF users can voice message, video call and even share images during a chat.

What is the difference between voice call and normal call?

It also provides voicemail service through email. It is majorly used for making internet voice calls. By using this service voice calls can be made through web browsers also....Difference between Google Voice and JustCall.GOOGLE VOICEJUSTCALLVoice calls can be made only by mobile phones.Voice calls can be made by mobile phones and computers.9 more rows•2 Jul 2020

Which is the best voice call app?

Top 5 Top 5 Voice Calling apps for AndroidVideo Calling AppsNo. of DownloadsRatingsGoogle Duo1 Billion+4.5Skype1 Billion+4.3WhatsApp Messenger5 Billion+4.3Hangouts1 Billion+4.11 more row

What does voice call mean?

Voice calling takes place when one person calls another in a different location using a telephone. Calling can happen over a traditional phone line. With cloud communications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an internet network supports voice calling.

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