Question: How old is Daenerys?

How old is Jon and Daenerys?

But in the TV series, Dany is depicted to be slightly older, and is believed to be 16 years old when she meets Khal. In the novel, she is around 22 when she is killed by Jon Snow, but on the show, she would be around 25 when she is stabbed to death.

How old is Khal Drogo?

around 30 years old So while Dany was made four years older, Drogos age โ€” somewhere around 30 years old โ€” was unchanged.

Are Jon and Daenerys the same age?

According to Game of Thrones Wiki fan page, Jon was born in 281 AL (AL = Aegons Landing) and Dany was born in 282 AL. The current year is 304 AL, which means Jon is 23 years old and Dany, 22.

How did Drogo died?

Drogo is injured not by Mago, but during a battle against another khalasar, by a bloodrider of a rival khal. Dothraki custom dictates that defeated warriors should shave their heads, but Drogo dies with all of his immensely long hair, having never once been defeated in combat.

Is daenerys dead?

Game of Thrones gave viewers a shocking final episode in season eight, as Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) was killed by Jon Snow (Kit Harington). The murder came shortly after Daenerys decided to attack Kings Landing, and slaughter every living thing within it.

Did Emilia Clarke eat a horse heart?

Now, calm down โ€” Clarke didnt actually have to eat legit horse heart, but what producers gave her still seems pretty bad. She said the fake stallion heart was made of solidified jam, and its taste was comparable to a heavenly mix of bleach and raw pasta.

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