Question: Are Punchline and Joker dating?

Is Punchline Jokers new girlfriend?

For the vast majority of new readers, Punchline is known right now as simply the Jokers new girlfriend, but there is more to the character than just that, much like it was during Harley Quinns early days in the Batman Animated Series in the 90s.

Does Joker like Punchline?

Batman has his Bat-Family around him, and as a result, the Joker likes to gather people around himself as well. Over the years, the Joker has demonstrated time and again that he doesnt really love them at all. Just as the Joker mirrors Batman, so he chose Punchline to be the twisted mirror image of Harley Quinn.

Who is the Joker dating?

Harley Quinn Harley Quinn is the Jokers most famous accomplice and lover. They met when she was a psychiatrist studying mentally ill criminals. When she decided to analyse the Joker, the young psychiatrist sealed her fate. Ever since Harley got to know The Joker she found him to be attractive and he seemed to latch onto this.

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