Question: Who is the band in Imaginarium?

Holopainen revealed the origin of the project, and that Nightwish will appear as themselves in the film, with minor roles. On August 31, the band announced that the album and movie had changed name from Imaginarium to Imaginaerum, to avoid mix-ups with other things entitled Imaginarium.

Who is the band in the movie Imaginarium?

Nightwish It was developed with and features music from Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwishs seventh studio album of the same name; Nightwishs keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen co-wrote the film....Soundtrack.Imaginaerum: The ScoreSoundtrack album by NightwishGenreSoundtrackLength53:371 more row

Who sang on Nightwish Imaginaerum?

Nightwish Imaginaerum/Artists

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