Question: Who has the shortest wand?

Wand length Rubeus Hagrid, who was half-giant, owned one of the longest known wand; it was sixteen inches long and made of oak. It was snapped in half after he was blamed for the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. The shortest known wand once belonged to Dolores Umbridge, who was described as being squat and toad-like. Rubeus Hagrid

What does a short wand mean?

Length is vital to a wands character and parameters. By theory, the shorter the wand the less power it possesses but stronger the control. The longer the wand, the more power it has, but weaker the control.

Who has a 9 inch wand?

The wand of Sir Cadogan was nine inches long, composed of blackthorn with a troll whisker core, and was said to be combustible.

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