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Jenna: Golden Retriever puppy for sale near St Louis, Missouri.

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Balto, what's wrong with her? She was constantly jumping on people and countertops! We've got to find her.

  • In Balto 2: Wolf Quest, Jenna gives birth to Balto's pups: , , , , , and.

  • I'm making six figures monthly.

  • Hattie was sent to the Dogs for the Deaf facility in Central Point, Oregon, where she received a health examination, hearing test, and was prescribed a suitable diet, grooming, and exercise regimen to reclaim her health.

Meet Jenna

This age-old battle of dog people versus cat people doesn't really need to continue.

  • They are extremely clever, sociable and joyful, and quick to learn unusual or special tasks.

  • Under the hospital, Balto uses broken bottles and the light from the room above to reflect the northern lights around them, and they gaze at each other and almost touch noses when the Doctor passing overhead catches their attention.

  • Perhaps a well-balanced is your preference.

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