Question: Do metalheads only listen to metal?

Am I a poser if I only listen to one or two metal genres? Of course not. Many metalheads listen to a few genres, and at times only one. Theres so much music in each of these subgenres that itd be impossible to listen to all of them.

What do real metalheads listen to?

A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. “A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. Sub-genres are not a factor.

Are Metalheads edgy?

They peruse nu metal and other metal-lite subgenres because its cool, new, and edgy. Still susceptible to peer influence, they will pick up and drop subgenres based on what they think is “real” metal.

Are Metalheads Goth?

Theyre seen as more masculine and hardcore than some would consider Goth, despite Gothabilly and other scenes working well for men wishing to appear masculine in their dark adventures.

Why is modern day music so bad?

The lyrical quality of songs has gotten worse over the past 10 years – lyrics have become more mundane and simplified. More specifically, our brain releases dopamine when we hear a song that weve heard a few times before, and the effect gets stronger with each listen.

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