Question: What happened MHD?

Why was MHD locked up?

MHD, one of the most successful rappers in France, has been arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter alongside three other men in connection with a death in Paris.

Does MHD need WiFi?

The MHD wireless adapter allows you to reliably use all MHD features on the go, faster and easier than ever before. Just plug it in to the OBDII port, pair your mobile device to the Wifi access point created by the adapter, and you can flash, log, read codes etc. instantly – no cable needed anymore.

Does MHD drain battery?

Says above that it can trigger draw codes or drain the battery if left too long but day to day fine on a healthy battery. For me? Im running a MCS/Z4M battery so Ill have to unplug it slightly every time.

How do you backend in MHD flash?

2:3210:28BMW N54 MHD JB4 BEF Flash! How To DIY! - YouTubeYouTube

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