Question: What is MoPub used for?

MoPub is a leading monetization platform for mobile apps. Our real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, ad server, and ad network mediation make it easy for you to meet or exceed your revenue goals and drive more dollars from your remnant inventory.

Which apps use MoPub?

Learn why top mobile app publishers from around the world rely on MoPub to provide app monetization success.Voodoo doubles down on Advanced Bidding. Voodoo experienced a 12% ARPDAU increase, streamlined ad operations, and reduced ad latency. Playrix partners with MoPub. Homa Games boosts ARPDAU.

Is MoPub an ad network?

MoPub is a mobile ad network that helps apps and publishers fill their ad inventory through real-time bidding auctions.

How does MoPub work?

Publishers send ad requests to MoPub, which runs a unified auction across network bidders, demand-side platforms and its own marketplace. The highest bidder wins, sends the ad creative to the publisher and the ad network bidding SDK renders the ad creative. The process also reduces latency.

Is MoPub an SSP?

Publishers can enlist a supply-side platform (SSP) such as MoPub to help connect them to the DSPs that are best suited for their business and help them to maximize the value of their ad inventory.

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