Question: What part of Kent is closest to London?

Where should I live in Kent commute to London?

Best commuter areas in KentNorthfleet, Swanscombe, and Gravesend. Northfleet, Swanscombe, and Gravesend offer some of the quicker Kent commutes. Dartford, Swanley, and Eynsford. Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, and Maidstone. Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, and Tunbridge Wells. Strood, Sittingbourne, Rochester, and Faversham.

Which part of Kent is closer to London?

With close links to London, Dartford is increasingly becoming a popular commuter town, helped in part by its affordability. Its housing and travel prices are modest for Kent with the average house selling for around £282,000 in 2015 according to Zoopla.

Is Kent commutable to London?

1) Easy Commute to London Whether youre looking for easy access to London or you want to be able to ride the rails to Paris or Brussels on a whim, Kent is undeniably well connected. There are multiple trains every hour to London St. Pancras, Victoria, London Bridge, Cannon Street and Charing Cross, to name but a few.

How many houses are in Kent?

Since the Census, approximately 39,400 new dwellings have been built in Kent. This is an average number of 5,544 each year up to 2018/19 . As a result, we estimate that Kent is now home to approximately 676,900 dwellings in 2019.

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