Question: What is the meaning of Pendo?

p(e)-ndo, pen-do. Meaning:love.

Where did the name pendo come from?

As far as our name goes, Pendo is the latin word for “value.” The goal of any great product is to provide value—people dont typically spend their time (or money) on things that dont give them any value.

What does Ailla mean?

beautiful Meaning of Ailla Ailla means “beautiful”.

What do you use pendo for?

Pendo allows you to personalize onboarding for different user segments, making sure your content is concise and relevant. You can create a carousel of introductory screens, freeze/highlight specific areas in the screen, advance walkthroughs on user actions, and easily span steps across different screens.

How do you pronounce Ailla?

0:190:54AILLA - HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT!? - YouTubeYouTube

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