Question: Is Wie Gehts formal?

Wie geht es Ihnen? (vee geyt ês een-en?) (How are you?) This is the formal version. Wie geht es dir? (vee geyt ês deer?) (How are you?) This is the informal, singular version.

Is Wie Gehts formal or informal?

How are you doing? The question Wie geht es Ihnen? is mostly used in a formal context. If you address more than one person formally, you use the formal form Ihnen.

Is Hallo Wie Gehts formal?

You can say, for example: Hallo! Wie geht es Ihnen heute? (“Hello! On one hand, Wie geht es Ihnen is very formal. This is because the pronoun Ihnen is used to talk to a stranger, especially someone older than you, and it is the proper way to address a person in a position of authority.

Is IHR formal?

ihr is plural - use ihr for several friends or relatives, people you know well. Sie is formal and can be singular or plural - use Sie for people you do not know or when you have to be respectful to them....Personal pronouns.GermanEnglishihryou (plural, informal)Sieyou (singular or plural, formal)siethey6 more rows

What is the formal word for you in German?

Sie If you want to say “you” in German, you would generally use “du” (informal singular), “Sie” (formal singular or plural—capitalized in both cases), or “ihr” (informal plural). But German has even more forms of the word “you”, including: dich, dir, euch, and Inhen.

Is Ihnen informal?

Both can be translated as you but dir is used in informal situations and Ihnen is used in formal situations. You would use dir if you speak to a friend or a family member. Ihnen is used if you talk to unknow people, your boss, your teacher for example.

Is Ihnen male or female?

This nominal declension is reflected in the dative plural pronoun (to/for them), ihnen, instead of ihn (masculine, accusative).

What Wie Gehts means?

: how goes it? : how is it going? — used as a greeting.

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