Question: Is Avira good 2020?

Avira provides a powerful cloud-based antivirus scanner and a wide range of really good additional security tools for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS users, all for an excellent value. In fact, Aviras anti-malware scanner is so good that its even been licensed out to numerous antivirus competitors, like TotalAV.

Is Avira antivirus good 2020?

So, in the most recent antivirus software testing session by AV-Comparatives, Avira Antivirus blocked 99.3% of the latest malware and viruses. It also detected 5 false positives out of 175. However, in the February-March period of 2020, Avira managed to block 100% of the threats provided.

Does Avira work Windows 10?

All Avira products are compatible with Windows 10. Incompatible legacy products like Avira Professional Security, Family Protection Suite, and the old version of Ultimate Protection Suite, Internet Security, Internet Security Plus, etc. will be removed automatically by Microsoft during the upgrade to Windows 10.

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