Question: What are the cons of living in Italy?

Why is it bad to live in Italy?

High levels of pollution might just be the unhealthiest thing of all about life in Italy. More so than smoking, stress or distracted drivers, pollution is a major concern for many of our readers.

Is it a good idea to live in Italy?

The cost of living isnt too bad Italy has a reputation for being an expensive place, but once you actually live there, youll find that monthly costs arent too exorbitant. Salaries in many industries will more than cover the average cost of living in Italy, meaning most people are able to live pretty comfortably.

What should you not do in Italy?

10 things you should never do in ItalyDont overtip. Dont order a cappuccino after 11am. Dont put cheese on a pasta that contains fish or seafood. Dont cut your spaghetti with a knife and fork, ever. Dont order the Fettuccine Alfredo. Dont wear shorts, tank top or flip-flops when visiting a church. •28 Jan 2019

Can I just move to Italy?

Resident. Americans staying in Italy for more than three (3) months are considered residents. This includes Americans who will work or transact business and persons who want to simply live in Italy. Upon arrival in Italy, the American must obtain a permesso di soggiorno (permit of stay).

Is it hard to move to Italy?

Unless you have an Italian or E.U. passport, have family in Italy, or marry an Italian citizen, its extremely difficult to move to Italy without a job. Italys job market was already quite tough to break into (even for Italians) and the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the economy.

Can you live in Italy without speaking Italian?

If youre asking yourself if you can move to Italy without speaking Italian, well, the answer is yes, of course that you can. And youll definitely need to learn Italian at some point. Learning Italian in Italy is the best way to learn the language.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Italy?

Dont Wear Shorts. Although summer in Italy can be rather hot, youll rarely see Italian women wearing shorts. The best way to fit in would be to stay away from revealing too much skin, but still look stylish at the same time- try a flowy skirt instead.

How much is rent in Italy?

In U.S. dollars, on average, the monthly rent for a 900-square foot apartment in Italy is around $1,079. A 480-square foot apartment in a cheaper area stands at around $732 per month. This varies from city to city.

How can I move to Italy without a job?

If you are moving to Italy and can afford to live there without working, you may want to apply for an elective residence visa. This type of visa is generally used by foreigners who are retired and can collect income from a retirement or pension plan.

What is a good salary in Italy?

If we look at salary data provided by Statista, the average gross salary for Italy shows a more realistic number around €31.000 or €2583 a month. Either way, the national average for Italy scores around the middle for European wages.

Can you wear jeans in Italy?

Italians are partial to clothing that is nicely fitted. So skip the slouchy shirt or baggy jeans. Italians do wear jeans though, but they would pair them with a dressy top.

Is it rude to ask for the check in Italy?

Ask for the check (Il conto, per favore”). A waiter would consider it rude to bring the bill before its requested. As a common courtesy and sign of appreciation, be sure to extend an “arriverderci” or “buonasera” to the waiters and staff as you leave.

Is it cheaper to live in Italy or USA?

Overall, its cheaper to live in Italy or the USA ? The United States is 34% more expensive to live in than Italy. The only areas where American prices are more affordable are clothing and gas. However, as highlighted, salaries in the US are significantly higher than the Italian ones.

What is the highest paying job in Italy?

The Best Paying Jobs In ItalySurgeons: up to 21,000 Euros a month.Lawyers: up to 14,000 Euros a month.Bank managers: 13,000 Euros a month.Marketing directors: 2,390 to 7,620 Euros a month.College professors: 3,190 to 10,200 Euros a month.

Is it rude to not finish food in Italy?

Italian here: Leaving a Little bit of leftover is not too offensive however is quite unclassy, it is a behavior typically associated with the new riches, as if I used to be hungry now I can even leave the food on my plate. If you can, avoid & enjoy the whole plate of (great) food.

Is Italy rude?

If you read reviews of Italy, you will find that Italians are regarded as either very friendly and helpful or the opposite. Wherever you travel, there is always the possibility of meeting the local curmudgeon, but generally Italians are only rude to people who have offended them.

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