Question: What is stir on match?

When you go to a Stir event, everyone will be single, everyone will be looking to meet someone, and each event will be customized through our group matching algorithms in terms of age, gender and interests. ...

What is Stir dating app?

Stir is a location-based mingling app that helps you find nearby singles in real time and initiate conversations in real life. Unlike other dating apps, Stir doesnt require a questionnaire or endless hours of swiping left and right.

Is Stir part of match?

This summer launched a new program they call The Stir, local mixers and events that take place in real-time versus the virtual landscape. As one of the premier online dating websites, is doing some exciting things to shake up the way in which online dating has traditionally worked.

Does Stir have an app?

Thats why we created Stir, a dating app with a focus on single parents. Its where solo parents can meet, chat, and rediscover the fun in dating.

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