Question: What does Ole mean in French?

OLE, (liaison et incorporation dobjets) object linking and embedding, the ~ Noun.

What does prefix Ole mean?

Combining form meaning small or little (e.g., arteriole).

What does Ole mean in Africa?

error, mistake, wrong, fault. More Yoruba Translations. Ole. Olayinka. ọlawọ

What does Ole mean in Hebrew?

Ole (Hebrew: עוֹלֶה‎) a cantillation mark found in Psalms, Proverbs, and Job (the אמת‎ books). Ole is also sometimes used as a stress marker in texts without cantillation.

Where did the chant Ole Ole come from?

The iconic refrains origins can be traced to the bullfighting ring, where it was common to hear the crowd “ole” an exceptional performance. An early version of the chant found its way into soccer stadiums through a Spanish league match in 1982 and was quickly adopted by soccer fans across Europe.

What does Ole Ole Ole mean in hockey?

Ive still heard that used a few times at the Bell Centre, and only at the end of the game. I was never a fan of it though. The Good-bye chant feel more like were saying You lost!, whereas Ole Ole Ole feels more like We won! 1.

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