Question: What is the latest hotel first date?

What is the latest series of First Dates Hotel?

The 2021 series of First Dates Hotel started on Wednesday, 24 March on Channel 4 at 9PM. The next episode airs 28 April. Episodes will air on TV weekly on Wednesdays at 9PM on Channel 4. You can watch episodes online and catch up via the All4 player, where all past episodes are also available to watch.

Where is the hotel in first dates?

the Aquapetra Resort & Spa Every time they watch an episode of First Dates Hotel, fans are blown away by its picturesque setting. Well those stunning surroundings seen on screen are those of the Aquapetra Resort & Spa in Telese, Southern Italy.

How many series of First Dates Hotel are there?

First DatesNo. of series17 (regular) 1 (celebrity) 5 (hotel) 1 (teen) 22 (overall)No. of episodes139 (regular) 11 (specials) 7 (celebrity) 6 (best bits) 30 (hotel) 6 (teen) 1 (celebrity hotel) 200 (overall)ProductionProduction locationsPaternoster Chop House, London (2013–2020) The Refinery, Manchester (2021-)16 more rows

Has anyone from First Dates Hotel stayed together?

Hema and Ajai The couple stayed together after their date, and returned to the show for the series seven Christmas special, where Ajai popped the question. And this time it was a success, and in a comment to The Tab said they are enjoying married life together and managed a romantic trip to Scotland between lockdowns.

Is the First Dates hotel a real hotel?

Youd be surprised to know that both can be visited for real - in non-pandemic times. In fact, everywhere First Dates has filmed is a real hotel or restaurant that can be booked if youre wanting the First Dates experience, without the cameras.

Is Fred First Dates married?

Fred has two children, Andrea and Lucien, with ex-partner Alex - and although they were never married they spent 12 years together before splitting up. But the 49-year-old has found love again in the form of his mystery Jamaican fiancée, who he affectionately refers to as Fruitcake.

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