Question: What is a high score on the Big 5 personality test?

What is considered a high score on the Big Five personality test?

The Big 5 Personality test looks at 5 traits which were then correlated with different behaviors and tendencies. Danger: correlation is not causation. High score: inventiveness and intellectual curiosity, having a preference for variety over routine, and seeking fulfillment in intense, euphoric experiences.

How are the Big 5 personality traits measured?

The Big Five factors were discovered through a statistical procedure called factor analysis, which was used to analyze how ratings of various personality traits are correlated in humans. The term “Five-Factor Model” has been more commonly associated with studies of traits using personality questionnaires.

What is the most important Big 5 personality trait?

Work. Conscientiousness is the strongest predictor of all five traits for job performance (John & Srivastava, 1999). A high score of conscientiousness has been shown to relate to high work performance across all dimensions. The other traits have been shown to predict more specific aspects of job performance.

What is the average big 5 score?

Average scores (on a scale from 0 to 100) were 55 for Emotional Stability, 56 for Extroversion, 73 for Openness, 64 for Agreeableness, and 64 for Conscientiousness.

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