Question: Did Lady Gaga pay the $500000 ransom for her dogs?

LADY Gagas $500,000 reward for her stolen dogs has been slammed by a former FBI chief for putting the ongoing police investigation at risk and potentially fuelling more dog nappings for ransoms. And now Gaga is reportedly offering half a million with no questions asked as a reward.

Did Lady Gaga have to pay to get her dogs back?

On Feb. 26, the dogs had been returned and reunited with the singers team. The LAPD told ET at the time that a person had dropped off the dogs at a local police station. It is unknown if the person inquired about the $500,000 reward money Gaga said she would give to the person who returned them.

How much is Lady Gaga offering for her dogs?

Lady Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her two French bulldogs after someone stole them and shot the man who walked her dogs Wednesday evening in Hollywood, according to two sources close to the Oscar- and Grammy-winning singer.

Are Lady Gagas dogs still missing?

Lady Gagas missing dogs have been found! Two days after the 34-year-old superstars French bulldogs were stolen, LAPDs Olympic Community Police Station has confirmed that they are safe and sound. Gagas third dog, Asia, remained with Fischer as he laid on the ground.

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