Question: Is the Jetta the same as the Golf?

Will golf clubs fit in a Jetta?

Re: Golf clubs in a jetta? ( Ditto.... pull the driver and it fits fine.

What is the Jetta called in UK?

Volkswagen UK has scrubbed the Jetta saloon from its lineup, just a month after the company stopped producing the Scirocco at all. In the UK, the Scirocco sold in 10 times the number of the Jetta, showing how low demand really was. In numbers thats just 379 cars to the end of last month.

Are mk4 Golf and Jetta doors the same?

Why is the Golf considered more reliable than a Jetta? Among the differences is that Golf comes as a two- and four-door hatchback and has a 101.5-inch wheelbase (distance between front and rear wheels), and the Jetta is a four-door sedan with a 104.4-inch wheelbase, giving it more interior room.

Is a GTI a Jetta?

The GTI is based on the Golf hatchback while the GLI is based on the Jetta sedan. This creates an interesting difference in both style and storage space. The GTIs rear hatch houses 17.4 cubic feet of storage compared to just 14.1 cubic feet in the GLIs trunk. But those numbers are deceptive.

Can you fit golf clubs in a Volkswagen Golf?

The Astras 370-litre boot space beats the Peugeot 308 and Volkswagen Golf allowing us to get the clubs in the boot, but we were just centimetres off closing it as you can see. If you remove the driver from your bag and the parcel shelf from the boot then you can get the clubs in without having to put the seats down.

Can you fit golf clubs in a GTI?

Passenger & boot space Theres loads of space in the front of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Speaking of which, the boot is okay but, like the rear seats, not mammoth by the standards of other rivals. Itll fit a pushchair but will struggle to fit a set of golf clubs lengthways.

Which is bigger Jetta or Golf?

The Jetta also has a larger footprint than the Golf: theyre the same width, but the 2020 Jetta is seventeen-and-a-half inches longer.

Will a mk4 Golf door fit a Bora?

Registered. As far as I know, the front doors of a mk4 five door golf will fit the Bora, but the back ones will not.

Is Jetta or Golf better?

VW Golf vs Jetta: Performance Both benefit from a turbocharged engine that generates an impressive 184 pound-feet of torque. However, the Volkswagen Jetta does get better gas mileage: up to 40 miles per gallon. Still, with up to 36 mpg, the Volkswagen Golf still has impressive fuel efficiency.

What is the best car for golf clubs?

Best cars for golf clubsHonda Jazz.Kia Optima.Mini Clubman.Volkswagen Passat Estate.Jaguar E-Pace.Mercedes E-Class Estate.Jaguar F-Type.BMW Z4.

What can you fit in a Volkswagen Golf?

Its generous 53.7 feet of cargo space can fit up to four suitcases in addition to smaller luggage. The back seats fold down, allowing you to add to your luggage. If youre hauling a large suitcase to your destination, the Volkswagen Golf has you covered.

Should I buy a Golf or a Jetta?

Weve mentioned that the Jetta is a sedan and the Golf is a hatchback. The Jetta has slightly more room for your passengers: 94.7 cubic feet, compared to the 93.5 cubic feet youll get in the VW Golf. However, the Golf has considerably more cargo volume. Behind the rear seats, its cargo capacity is 22.8 cubic feet!

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