Question: What happens if someone reports you on POF?

If you report a user for no good reason, your account may be deleted. If you no longer wish to receive messages from a member of Plenty of Fish, you can block them. You can only block a member that has sent you a message.

Does Tinder tell the person you reported them?

None of the details you provided will be shared with the person you reported. A member of our Trust & Safety team will look into the matter to determine next steps and take action based on our Community Guidelines. If you submitted a report via email, you may reply to the automated response to follow-up.

How many times do you have to be reported on Tinder to be banned?

Your Tinder account has been reported multiple times As we said, Tinder will only review your account if at least one user has reported your profile. If you have been reported only once, you will most likely not banned yet, but you will get a message like this.

Can I have two POF accounts?

Do not create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish, unless permission has been granted by our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, do not attempt to use an account that isnt yours.

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