Question: How did Namine get a body?

When Sora sacrificed himself in Hollow Bastion, his heart and Kairis, which was residing in Sora at the time, were released. Soras body and soul became Roxas. However, the release of Kairis heart from Soras body and soul created Namine.

How does Roxas have a body?

The soul is actually what lets the body keep moving after the heart is removed ;) Roxas is made from Soras body and Ventuss heart intersecting and creating a Nobody (its why Roxas looks like Ventus without having Ventuss heart). Kairi just returned Soras heart to human form.

How did Namine get her powers?

The ability comes from the fact that she is formed from Soras soul and body, rather than Kairis. Because of this connection, Naminé can move around the links of his memories that are located within his heart to her liking, as well as the ones of those who are connected to Sora.

How did Sora turn back into a human?

The physical Soras Heartless which appeared in Kingdom Hearts originally took the form of a Shadow, but when Kairi recognized him and hugged him close to her heart, the pure light of her heart restored Sora to his human form, but without his Nobody, Roxas, Sora was still incomplete.

How did Kairi get a nobody?

Kairis heart was released from a body, Soras body, so a Nobody was created, which is Namine. Since it was Kairis heart that was released from a body, then its Kairis Nobody. Soras Heartless acted as the Heartless needed to form a Nobody for both Soras Nobody, Roxas, and Kairis Nobody, Namine.

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