Question: Is there a Peter Pan movie coming out in 2021?

Who plays Peter Pan 2021?

Alexander Molony The main cast have all been announced, with Alexander Molony starring as Peter Pan, Ever Anderson as Wendy, Jude Law as Captain Hook and Jim Gaffigan as Mr Smee. Grown-ishs Yara Shahidi will play Tinkerbell, making her the first person of colour to play the mischievous fairy.

Is Tom Holland making a Peter Pan movie?

David Lowery directs the Disney+ original, with Tom Holland as Peter Pan, Yara Shahidi playing Tinkerbell and Jude Law as Captain Hook with Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson in the roles of Peter and Wendy. Lowery and Toby Halbrooks are writing with Jim Whitaker and Joe Roth producing.

Will there be a Peter Pan in 2021?

Now, Disney is turning the iconic story of the boy who never grows up into a brand new film with an all-star cast. Peter Pan & Wendy will debut in 2022, and you can find the film when it releases—as well as the original animated Peter Pan—on Disney+.

Will there be a live action Peter Pan movie?

Disney has a new live-action adaptation of Peter Pan & Wendy in the works, set to release in 2022. Here is everything we know so far about the movie. Disneys live-action Peter Pan & Wendy adaptation is on the way, and much has already been revealed about the movies story, cast, and release date.

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