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The film begins quite mysteriously in a dungeon where a young man is torturing an Adolf Hitler look-alikeÂ… We then quickly cut to a stunning nude, played by Kitten Natividad, who teasingly introduces the audience to the settingÂ… We are in Northern California, in a small, rural communityÂ… Just outside of town, a very beautiful, buxom young lady is hitchhiking along a lonely country roadÂ… She is picked up by a young man, who happens to be the infant terrible of the local rich set.

  • Boasting a plot co-written by Roger Ebert that's too mind-blowingly bizarre to summarise, and a heavier emphasis on full nudity and graphic sex scenes than had always been typical of his films, Up! Russ Meyer - also known as King Leer - was an incredibly talented film maker - the most successful independent film maker of all time.

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