Question: What does the Hare Patronus mean?

The Hare Patronus symbolizes intelligence, creativity, swiftness, and thinking out side of the box.

What does it mean when your Patronus is a hare?

The brown hare patronus forms for those who tend to be shy and somewhat skittish. They are very to themselves and are known for being quite and reserved. A person who casts the brown hare is often unaware of their power. They prefer to keep to themselves and often need time to allow a friendship to form.

Who has a hare Patronus?

The hare Patronus cast by Nymphadora Tonks changed shape to match her future husbands. Tonks is introduced in Order of the Pheonix. Warner Bros. Tonks originally conjured a Patronus in the shape of a hare, according to Pottermore.

Is a hare a powerful Patronus?

15 Luna Lovegoods Hare This fact, along with her skills as a magic wielder, results in her Patronus being more powerful than most. The free spirited hare is a perfect reflection of the character, who is both close with nature and easily underestimated.

Why is Lunas Patronus a hare?

The phrases mad as a March hare might well have described Luna Lovegood, who had an interesting relationship with her Patronus. The hare has a strong association with the moon, with the moon gazing hare being a symbol in ancient pagan beliefs. How interesting that Lunas name is of Latin origin, meaning moon.

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