Question: Is Makima a bad guy?

Due to her actions in Chapter 81-82, Makima cemented herself as one of the most evil villains ever graced in Shonen Jump history to the point that even most of the people comparing her to the likes of Sōsuke Aizen from Bleach or Griffith from Berserk.

Is Makima good or evil?

Around Chapter 75, it was revealed that Makima herself is a powerful and omniscient devil as old as human history itself known as the Control Devil who was feared by the human beings for several centuries as several other nations, including the United States, attempts to escape from her grasp to prevent her bringing ...

Is Makima a devil?

Makima (マキマ, Makima?) is a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, who took Denji as her human pet. She is later revealed to be the Control Devil ( 支 し 配 はい の 悪 あく 魔 ま , Shihai no Akuma?) which embodies the fear of control.

Why is power afraid of Makima?

Power has always had a deep fear of Makima, likely due to her prowess as the Control Devil. Even now, Makimas unsettlingly calm commands cut through Power like butter. Makima offers Power a chance to be her pet again if she hands over Chainsaw Man, immediately turning the worry in Powers eyes to excitement.

Did Makima kill Aki?

Makima activates her ability before she is shot by one of the bullets. He kills Aki and Makima.

Can Makima beat Gojo?

Makima will win easily. She takes any damage to the Japanese people. At the same time, he begins to control Gojo himself, who has weak mental resistances. P.S. Makimas control is, in theory, a conceptual ability due to a number of factors from the manga.

Who is the strongest in Chainsaw Man?

1. Denji. Denji is the main protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series and is the strongest out of all these characters, even Makima. Denji possesses the Devil that even can erase any Devil it eats from existence (Chapter 84).

Who kills the gun devil?

Makima In September 12, 1997 the Gun Devil appears again at the coast of Kaho City in Akita Prefecture for 12 seconds and killed several men, women and children. However, he is defeated by Makima and then he possessed the corpse of Aki. He is later defeated by Denji.

Is Makima stronger than Gojo?

Makima will win easily. She takes any damage to the Japanese people. At the same time, he begins to control Gojo himself, who has weak mental resistances.

How strong is darkness devil?

Superhuman Strength: The Darkness Devil has shown to be able to lift humans and devils with great ease.

Does Aki like Angel Devil?

Aki. Aki is the one the Angel Devil is usually seen partnering up with. Their friendship started off much more rocky than you might expect, with the both of them not able to get along at all. However, over the course of the series these two end up working closer together and becoming much better friends.

Will Denji kill Makima?

With Makima finally letting her guard down, Denji was able to deal a crippling blow. With Makima terribly injured, Denji knows that this wont be enough to kill her (given that shes come back from far worse) so he enacts his final, brutal plan.

Is Makima more powerful than Gojo?

Makima will win easily. She takes any damage to the Japanese people. At the same time, he begins to control Gojo himself, who has weak mental resistances.

Is Sakuna stronger than Gojo?

Sukuna is definitely stronger than Gojo at full strength. Although it seems Gojo is stronger than Sukuna on the surface, in reality, theyre almost evenly matched! Sukuna could win against Gojo even at 15 fingers.

Who is the main villain in chainsaw man?

Makima Makima is the main antagonist of the manga series Chainsaw Man.

Who is the chainsaw devil?

Pochita Pochita (ポチタ, Pochita?) is the Chainsaw Devil (チェンソーの悪魔, Chensō no akuma) who embodies the fear of chainsaws.

Does Makima like Denji?

However, for all the atrocities that she had committed towards Denji, it was then revealed that Makima herself had grown an infatuation towards the entity that was sealed in Denjis body, the Chainsaw Man, by admitting that she was a huge admirer towards the entity and its power and tries her best to make the entity ...

Who is the strongest devil in black clover?

1 Megicula Is Powerfully Evil Megicula is the high ranking Devil who possesses Vanica. Hes placed death curses on Acier Silva and Princess Lolopechka, one of the series most powerful women, and is behind much of the action in the Black Clover series, even if hes not always seen.

Did Denji and power sleep together?

The two shower, as Power continuously sobs about being attacked from behind. As the two get in the bath and lay together, Denji is surprised that despite the intimacy of their act, it doesnt feel sexual in any manner.

Is Angel Devil a girl?

Angel is a younger androgynous male seen to be wearing the Public Safety suit. He has pink shoulder-length hair, with a halo floating above it and white wings on his upper back.

Did Makima kill power?

Her ruthlessness on killing other devils to further her own plans was best shown when she mercilessly kills Power with her psychic gun powers who tries to brought a birthday cake for Denji to Makimas apartment in order to celebrate his birthday in order to make Denji suffer and experiencing a BSOD as she attempts to ...

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