Question: What is the best Dateline episode ever?

What is the best Dateline episode?

The 10 Best Dateline Episodes1) The Man Who Talked to Dogs. 2) Secrets in the Mist. 3) Death of a Golden Girl. 4) Mystery on Lockhart Road. 5) The Shadow. 6) Into the Night. 7) Deep in the Woods. 8) The Carrollton Plot. •Jun 14, 2021

Where can I watch Dateline no commercials?

Streaming Dateline on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon For some reason, there is no Dateline for Hulu subscribers. Amazon Prime only has Dateline season 1 available for download. You can download the entire first season for just $7.99!

How many episodes of Dateline are there?

Episodes (57) For more than 30 years, Ohio investigators have searched for answers in the murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic. Now theyre enlisting your help to solve the case. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

Are they still recording the first 48?

So the first 48 were deleted? Less than a year after producers of the unwritten True Crime A&E The First 48 series were accused of complicating a triple homicide case in New Orleans, the city canceled its deal with the series and its sister series Nightwatch will follow.

What episode is Courtney Palmer on first 48?

Watch The First 48 Season 17 Episode 28 - Unspeakable 2 In Tulsa, Okla., as Detective Jason White continues to investigate Courtney Palmers disappearance, the missing persons case turns into a detectives worst nightmare.

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