Question: Is Dino Dana a real family?

And the people we see the most in Dino Dana are two sisters (who never once use the term “step sister” to describe their relationship, though they are not biologically related) named Dana and Saara.

What does Dino Dana dad do?

Dad is laid back, funny and artistic. He loves making crafts with his daughters, making crafts for the house or collecting things to make crafts with in the future. Hes a nurse and is fascinated with how the human body works, a source of biological knowledge that proves invaluable to his dino fixated step-daughter.

What nationality is Dino Dana?

Canadian Dino Dana is a Canadian television series that was created and is directed by J. J. Johnson.

How old is Jason Spevack?

24 years (July 4, 1997) Jason Spevack/Age

How old is Trek Buccino?

About 21 years (2000) Trek Buccino/Age

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