Question: Are Fiat Punto Grande reliable?

Various electrical issues can range from something small to more expensive issues. A common issue is the earth cable snapping from the body to the gearbox creating a none start condition. Overall, the Grande Punto is a good car for the city and B roads, it is cheap to maintain, repair and reliable.

Are Fiat Punto reliable?

This is a car with a long life span, and over the course of that time owners have reported plenty of mixed issues with regard to reliability, though some have praised theirs. The Punto didnt feature in our most recent reliability survey, but Fiat as a brand finished in 24th place out of 32 manufacturers.

Is Used Fiat Punto a good car?

Punto is an excellent car with interior good for the money you pay. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine is super and silent. i get a fuel average of about 20 to 21 in highway drive and 15 in city, with AC always on.

Is Fiat a good car brand?

Overall, the Fiat 500 is above average reliability wise. Other than that, the Fiat 500 is also the 7th most reliable small car in Carbuyers reliability survey. Reportedly 89% of 500 owners had no issue with their car in the first year, and overall coming in at 39th place when it comes to reliability and quality.

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