Question: What are some reliable medical websites?

What medical sites do doctors use?

Top 10 Medical Websites for DoctorsPubMed.MedScape.WebMD.WHO.UptoDate.ClinicalKey.MedicineNet.American Medical Association.

Is Healthline a good source?

Healthline Media is the top ranked health publisher and number 39 on Comscores Top 100 Property rankings through January 2020. Across all of its properties, Healthline Media publishes articles authored by more than 120 writers and reviewed by more than 100 doctors, clinicians, nutritionists, and other experts.

What is the best medical database?

We have compiled a list of the top 5 research databases with special focus on healthcare and medicine.PubMed. PubMed is the number one source to turn to. EMBASE. EMBASE (Excerpta Medica Database) is a proprietary research database that also includes in its corpus PubMed. Cochrane Library. PubMed Central (PMC) UpToDate.

Who is Healthline funded by?

Summit Partners San Francisco-based Healthline Media received $95 million in funding from Summit Partners to compete with other consumer health information sites like WebMD. The funding will be used to invest in content development and social-media programs as well as launch “new media types, platforms and adjacent categories.”

What happened to Healthline?

In July 2019, Healthline was acquired by Red Ventures. In August 2020, Healthline acquired Psych Central.

Is there a medical records database?

In NSW Health, clinicians can view their patients My Health Record information in the HealtheNet Clinical Portal, which is accessed via their local electronic medical record (EMR) system. Visit: Call the My Health Record Helpdesk on 1800 723 471.

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