Question: Why is the misfit called The Misfit?

Near the end of the story, the Misfit tells the grandmother that he calls himself the Misfit “because [he] cant make what all [he] done wrong fit what all [he] gone through in punishment.” In other words, his punishment has not fit his so-called crime; it is, in a very literal way, a mis-fit.

What does the misfit represent in O Connors story?

And when the Misfit systematically executes her family, the grandmother never once begs him to spare her family, but she pleads for her life when she sees her own turn coming. The Misfit is portrayed as the stereotypical criminal and more specifically, an illiterate, violent hick – someone who has gone wrong in life.

Why did the grandmother call Red Sammy a good man?

Red Sammy is “good” because he trusts people blindly and waxes nostalgic about more innocent times—both of which the grandmother can relate to. The Misfit is “good” because, she reasons, he wont shoot a lady—a refusal that would be in keeping with her own moral code.

Is the misfit evil?

The Misfit is labeled as evil in the story. He seems purely evil and does not seem to have a sense of guilt. He has a desire to be destructive and is genuinely cruel, and he does these things for his own sake.

What does misfit symbolize?

The Misfit is a character of surprising depth. He is first introduced to the readers as a vague fear, one that represents the possibility of violence in the world.

How is the grandma evil in a good man is hard to find?

The grandmother is definitely not an evil character in the same way. However, we have to admit that she is an extremely selfish, egocentrical and distorted character who always tries to manipulate others to try and get her own way.

Why did the car crash in a good man is hard to find?

The grandmothers cat, Pitty Sing, is named after one of the characters in The Mikado. Its Pitty Sing who causes the car accident by leaping onto Baileys neck when the grandmother accidentally releases him from the basket.

Why does the misfit shoot the grandma?

The Misfit kills the grandmother last to make her death more painful (at least to the reader). The grandmother has to endure listening to the other five members of her family get shot in closer range (even though, in her selfish attitude, she doesnt seem to care much).

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