Question: What skills do you need to be a content moderator?

What it takes to be a content moderator?

The primary qualifications for becoming a social media content moderator are some college education and previous experience working with social media accounts or monitoring an online forum.

What does a content moderator do?

Content moderators review and analyze user reports of abusive content found on platforms and decide, based on a predetermined set of rules and guidelines as well as the law, whether the content should stay up or come down.

Why should we hire you as content moderator?

Help you gain insights about your users Another benefit of having content moderators is that you have the opportunity to understand your community better. Content moderators can go through your user-generated content to know how they are responding towards your products or services.

How much do content moderators make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $80,000 and as low as $19,500, the majority of Social Media Content Moderator salaries currently range between $31,000 (25th percentile) to $51,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $68,500 annually across the United States.

How do I become an online moderator?

Experience aside (some companies may require experience) someone who wants to apply for online moderator jobs should have:Excellent written language skills.Basic knowledge of how social media pages, chat rooms, message boards, and forum sites work.Basic computer skills.A working computer.High-speed internet connection.

What is a moderation job?

A moderator facilitates, reviews, and guides a discussion or debate and related interactions to ensure all shared content is appropriate and follows community rules. You can find moderators in a variety of industries and contexts online or at events.

How much do Facebook content moderators get paid?

Work From Home Facebook Moderator SalaryAnnual SalaryWeekly PayTop Earners$110,000$2,11575th Percentile$76,500$1,471Average$58,690$1,12825th Percentile$28,000$538

Why do u want to be a moderator?

Being a moderator means helping in many ways that most people cant. Its nice to be a leader. As a moderator, you get a sense of authority; other users look up to you to help guide the site. This can be surprisingly appealing.

What do you do as a moderator?

How To Be a Great ModeratorDont over-prepare the panelists. Do prepare yourself in advance. Never let panelists use PowerPoint. Never let panelists use anything special. Make them introduce themselves in thirty seconds. Break eye contact with the panelists. Make everyone else look smart. Stand up for the audience. •Oct 24, 2016

What makes you better than candidates?

My professional experiences, coupled with my good communication skills, work ethic, and friendly attitude, makes me a perfect fit for the job. I have the experience to start contributing to your team from day one. Needless to say, Im very excited about the prospect of starting in your organization.

How do I answer salary expectations?

You can try to skirt the question with a broad answer, such as, “My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications.” Or, “If this is the right job for me, Im sure we can come to an agreement on salary.” This will show that youre willing to negotiate. Offer a range.

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