Question: What band is in the OK Go video?

Rather, it features an original recording that was actually performed live during filming of the video. OK Gos Tim Nordwind noted that the song lent itself well to large orchestration. In the video, the members of OK Go are seen in a field wearing marching band garb.

What marching band is in the OK Go video?

the Notre Dame Band In the video, which was shot at the lot next to the Fatima Retreat Center, across from the Holy Cross Village, members of the Notre Dame Band played their instruments along with members of OK Go.

Where is the band OK Go from?

Chicago, Illinois, United States OK Go/Origin

What was OK Go first video?

This Too Shall Pass OK Gos first video for This Too Shall Pass is a single-shot music video collaboration with 125 members of the University of Notre Dames marching band and 50 students from Perley Elementary and Good Shepherd Montessori School in South Bend, Indiana. The video took 20 takes to complete correctly.

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