Question: Who voiced the fox in Labyrinth?

David Shaugnessy is an English-born actor, director, and producer who supplied several character voices in Labyrinth.

Who is the fox in the labyrinth?

Sir Didymus Sir Didymus is a fox-terrier in Labyrinth, as specified by the presskit, who believes he is a great and chivalrous knight.

What is the name of Sir Didymus Dog?

Ambrosius Ambrosius is a cowardly old English sheepdog , and is the mount of Sir Didymus in Labyrinth. He seems to resemble Sarahs dog, Merlin (interestingly, in some versions of the Arthurian Legends the wizard Merlin is known as Merlin Ambrosius). He has more sense than his master.

What are the creatures called in Labyrinth?

The Fireys The Fireys are a group of creatures encountered by Sarah in Labyrinth. Lanky beasts with flaming red pelts, the hedonistic creatures are devoted to having a good time, which includes removing their limbs, heads, and other body parts to use as items in their games.

How do you pronounce Didymus in the Bible?

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Was there a labyrinth 2?

David Blaine cringeworthy interview with Eamonn Holmes Goblin kings and queens all over, rejoice for a sequel to the cult hit Labyrinth has finally picked up steam. After residing in development abyss for years, Labyrinth 2 has found its director.

Is the worm from the labyrinth a girl?

The Worm was operated by Karen Prell, and was voiced by the late Timothy Bateson....The Worm.WilliamCharacter informationGenderMaleSpeciesWormRelativesThe Missus (wife)6 more rows

How do you pronounce God breathed?

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How do u pronounce midst?

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Who me nah just a worm?

The Worm : Who, me? No, Im just a worm. Say, come inside, and meet the missus.

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