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Like we talked a little bit and then we like left… Then like we just talked, we was talking about what school she went to and then we started talking about what we was gonna do…we gonna keep in touch with each other, then me and my brothers left.

  • London was host to revellers celebrating on the 8th of January and of course here at TubeCrush we just had to share it with you.

  • He caused quite a stir in the carriage by the looks of things.

  • Some parents question how this could have happened at the school.


The age range was chosen because a majority of the young men in these neighbourhoods become sexually experienced by the age of 16.

  • Iraqi security forces disarmed the young boy, who was aged around 12, before bundling him into a truck.

  • But an economic explanation would instead start with the premise that this is a response to changing incentives.

  • Todd Carney, a Rugby league player, was fired after photos of him pissing into his own mouth surfaced on the internet.

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