Question: Are online friends real friends?

Perhaps, you play games online and have met friends through gaming. If youre wondering, are online friends real? the answer is yes. Online friends absolutely count as real friends. It doesnt matter where you met; its the social emotional connection that counts.

Are online friends more effective than real friends?

Online friendships are a different kind of relationship. But that doesnt necessarily make them lower in quality than offline friendships. Friendships can exist on various levels and in various worlds. An online friendship might not lead to meeting in the “real world,” but that doesnt make it less real.

Are FB friends real friends?

Not according to a study that found almost all Facebook friends are entirely fake. Of the 150 Facebook friends the average user has, Dunbar found that only 15 could be counted as actual friends and only five as close friends.

What is the biggest demerit of friendship?

Disadvantages of a friendship are many…. You will see change in your behaviour,offcourse negative. They will not help you in your bad times. They will drag you to bad things like cigarette ,drugs,alcohol,gambling and other things.

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