Question: How do you set up a catch all?

Go to the Domains menu, and select the domain for which youd like to configure a catch-all address. Go to the Settings tab, and locate the Catch-all Address section. Select the email address that youd like to configure as catch-all from the dropdown and click on the tick to Update.

How does a catch-all work?

A catch-all account is an email address that collects all the mail sent to your domain name not sent to the other email addresses known to the server. Any emails sent to misspelled recipients at your domain, for example, will be caught by the catchall account.

How do I set up a catchall email address?

Create a catch-all email address on Cloud HostingLog into The Console.Manage the domain you want to make changes to.Click Email.Select Catch all from the Create an email drop-down menu.Type in the email address you wish to forward the emails to.Click [Create]

How do I create a catchall domain?

Go to Hosting Tools by clicking the tiles icon at the upper right corner. From the Advanced Tools page, click on the Change Catch-All icon. Click Set Your Catch All Account. Select the option for handling emails sent to addresses that do not exist at your domain(s).

Do catch-all emails bounce?

Catch-all emails can result in bounces and damage your deliverability.

Do accept all emails bounce?

The more you know... The percentage of accept alls is directly correlated to the amount of Invalid emails within a set of data. The higher the invalid rate, the more likely the accept alls are to bounce. If you have a fairly clean list, the accept alls have a better chance of being valid results.

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