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Overcoming Peter Pan Syndrome: What You Should Know

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Overprotecting parents can lead children to develop 'Peter Pan Syndrome'

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Peter Pan Syndrome (A Comprehensive Guide)

18 Alarming Signs Your Partner Has Peter Pan Complex

A cleft lip with or without a cleft palate is present in about half of the people with this condition.

  • Blaming others for your failures — another Peter Pan syndrome trait is blaming your failures on others, and never being able to take full responsibility for your current circumstances.

  • How A Therapist Can Help If you're struggling with the idea of growing up and taking responsibility in your life, then a therapist can help.

  • People with Peter Pan syndrome consistently fail to behave like adults in all areas of their lives over many years.

Shirking Responsibilities: The Peter Pan Syndrome Explained

They may not realize or fail to consider the potential consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them.

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  • Childhood Issues Our childhood is of utmost importance in our lives because our personality develops during our childhood and if children are not treated well, they can become problematic adults during their adulthood.

  • This person has bounced from job to job, never settling and showing any sign of commitment.