Question: Whats the movie Phantasm about?

What happened at the end of phantasm?

At the end, just after the Tall Man has been defeated (a fight that left Reggie dead), were given a huge shock twist -- Mike wakes up from a bad dream, and the very much alive Reggie tells him that Jody died in the same car wreck as his parents, and thus the Tall Man, the spheres and everything else weve seen was all ...

What are the Orbs in Phantasm?

The Sentinels are spherical metal devices used by the Tall Man for various purposes, primarily enforcement. They are best known for their ability to jam into a human skull and suck out the blood, thus killing the victim. Through unknown propulsion, they float in the air.

What does the Tall Man witness in the graveyard?

The Tall Man comes to Mike in his dreams before his minions pull him into a grave. Mike breaks into Morningside and witnesses a flying silver sphere attach itself to a caretakers face and drill into the unfortunate mans head.

What was the tall man in Phantasm?

Jebediah Morningside Originally, the Tall Man was a mild-mannered 19th century mortician by the name of Jebediah Morningside. After years of performing funerals and burying the bodies of those who had died, he began to develop a fascination with any possible connection between our world and the world of the dead.

How tall was the tall man in Phantasm?

approximately 6 feet 4 inches Scrimm had several minor supporting roles in the early 1970s before being cast as the Tall Man, the chief villain in Don Coscarellis independent horror film Phantasm (1979). Scrimm stood approximately 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m).

What is the point of the tall man?

Like that earlier film, The Tall Man is a story of sacrifice and endurance for a belief held firmly by its protagonist, and its once again designed to encourage contemplation. There is no tall man. The figure that abducts Julias son is actually the boys real mother… from whom Julia had abducted him first.

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